Why Should You Care about Overtime Controls and Prevention?

Why Should You Care about Overtime Controls and Prevention?

Employer-employee relationships have always been complicated. There are many different dynamics at play when a company employs someone and it can be difficult to predict how each employee will work in the environment. In short, there is no one size fits all approach that can guarantee success in recruiting or managing new employees. While some may thrive on the pressure of working overtime, others will quickly burn out without proper rest and time off for themselves.

How does EasyShifts help with overtime prevention and management?

A recent study found that employees who work more than 55 hours a week View the WHO study are likely to suffer from serious health complications. That leads to higher rates of absenteeism, injuries, and accidents on the job.

EasyShifts helps by giving you the control to manage the overtime options for your employees.

In Control

Set a 40-hour or 8 & 80 limit and prevent employees from picking up shifts that will put them in overtime.

At A Glance

Quickly see if any nursing staff are currently in overtime

Overtime Options

Turn overtime controls on or off weekly based on staffing and patient needs

How others have benefited from the OT controls in EasyShifts.

"I've used EasyShifts for 3 years now. Started with a small department of about 10 employees and have slowly built up to about 45 employees. EasyShifts makes writing and updating schedules a breeze.

Staff love it because they always have an online, updated schedule that they can plan their lives around. The take/trade feature is used weekly. This is a huge satisfier for staff and helps them balance work and home.

EasyShifts also helps me manage overtime and identify shortages with very little effort. I will never go back to paper schedules! Thanks, EasyShifts!"

Eric B, RT(R), CNMT Heart, Lung, & Vascular Svc, Nuclear Med, ECG

How much does it cost to sign up?

Three Key Benefits of using EasyShifts for staff scheduling.

  • Templated Staff Scheduling Saves Time
  • Tracking and Preventing Overtime Saves Money
  • Schedule Control can Increase Staff Retention

Our Easy 4 Step Process

Let's set you up with a Free Demo!

Step 1
Book a Demo - A personalized look at your scheduling needs and how EasyShifts can help.
Step 2
We learn how your system works and our team recreates it inside of EasyShifts for you! All we need is your current schedule and employee roster.
Step 3
60 minute training session with you & those responsible for managing the schedule
Step 4
Watch shifts practically fill themselves. Your team will love being empowered to manage their own schedules! Let’s get started!