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Key Features

Easy to Use

EasyShifts schedules are easy to create and easy to manage.   Fully customizable to meet your needs.

Fill Open Shifts

Filling open shifts and finding replacements for call-ins can be a nightmare.   With EasyShifts it's quick and easy.  

Overtime Control

You can set EasyShifts to not allow your employees to pick up overtime shifts.


All users can communicate through EasyShifts and receive text or email notifications the instant that changes are made to their schedules.

Key Benefits

Save Time

Spend less time scheduling and more time on more important things.

Save Money

EasyShifts helps maintain level staffing patterns, which can prevent expensive fill-ins or avoidable overtime.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees can access their EasyShifts schedule at anytime and from anywhere. Your staff will love you!

Improved Teamwork

EasyShifts unites all your employees.  And puts everyone on the same page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Though EasyShifts was specifically designed for the healthcare industry any workplace can use EasyShifts to create and communicate their work schedules. Hospitals have the most complex work schedules of any workplace. Yet EasyShifts provides a robust yet flexible solution to these demands. We can do it for your business as well.

Yes! With EasyShifts you create your department's work schedule just one time. Then each time you want to create a new work schedule you simply roll out part or all of the Master Schedule you have already created in EasyShifts.

First, by saving you time in creating your work schedule you are saving money, time is money. Second, EasyShifts will reduce the amount you pay in costly overtime. Third, by giving your employees greater accessibility to the department schedule they can pick up open shifts much easier, erasing the need for costly staffing agencies.

Absolutely! EasyShifts is a huge employee satisfier. Your employees will love having 24/7 access to their work schedule. They will also have an increased sense of control by being able to easily pick up open shifts and make trades with co-workers.

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