EasyShifts was created by an RN!

We truly care about our users and our product.

We know the task so we created the solution

As a busy Registered Nurse, Jordan was working at 3 different hospitals. Juggling all those schedules was proving to be a difficult task. The only way Jordan really knew where he should be at any given time was by relying on the hand written notes he had scribbled into his calendar.

After getting home one day from picking up shifts at one of the hospitals he worked at (a process that took him over 45 minutes)

He thought:

"There has got to be a better way!"

Jordan Giessel

That's when he had his AHA moment and the dream of EasyShifts.com began.

Our Team

Meet the team behind EasyShifts

Michael Christensen


Nathan Abraham

Head of Marketing and Sales

Jamin Leaders

Head of Operations and Support

Ken Morita

Lead Designer

Joanna Jordan

Scheduling Support

Rob Maurer

Senior Developer

John Eo

Senior Developer

Eric Lincoln

Senior Developer

Heidi Brickner

Customer Service and Sales

History of EasyShifts

A brief summary of how far we've come

  • EasyShifts Version 1.0 September 2008

    From its humble beginnings EasyShifts soon had over 250 users.
  • July 2010 Michael Joins EasyShifts

    Jordan, however, was a Nurse, a people person and not a software developer. That is when he realized that he needed to turn to his friend Mike for help. Major technology improvements began.
  • March 2011 EasyShifts Version 2.0

    EasyShifts was relaunched with a modern web app and many major improvements including organization wide overtime calculation.
  • September 2012 Expand to Senior Living

    EasyShifts expanded its market from hospitals to also include senior living facilities.
  • January 2017 iPhone App available in App Store

    EasyShifts made available a simple to use iPhone app to make it easy for employees to view their work schedule on a mobile device..

A common sense way to let TECHNOLOGY improve the life of the modern heathcare worker