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Creating work schedules can be extremely challenging.   EasyShifts is an online tool that will make your scheduling easier than you ever thought possible.   It is highly customizable and can simplify even the most challenging of work schedules.

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Template Schedule

This is the master schedule you will create when initially setting up your department. This only needs to be done once. Then, once the Template Schedule is created you can create department schedules in mere seconds every time.

Template Schedule
Overtime Control

Overtime Control

Keep a close eye on overtime. EasyShifts can alert you when employees are in overtime. It will also alert you as you’re scheduling, so you can keep them from going into overtime. (As you schedule, EasyShifts will help you avoid putting employees in to overtime)

Pick Up Open Shifts

Create a basic schedule layout that you can reuse over and over again. Make it as simple or detailed as you like. Once it’s made, simply fill in any open shifts.

Pick Up Open Shifts
Overtime Control

EasyShifts App Calendar

The EasyShifts App Calendar, available for both Apple and Android devices, gives you your personal schedule right at your fingertips. The app layout is crisp and easy to read.

Pick Up Open and Trade Shifts

The app allows your employees to trade shifts as well as pick up open shifts very quickly and easily.

Pick Up Open Shifts

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