Enterprise Level Healthcare Staffing Software

Custom Integration

EasyShifts Staff Scheduling Software integrates seamlessly with your company's current system. We can build custom instances of our service on top of any enterprise-level integration or even create completely new ones if needed!

Dedicated Development Team

Do you need a solution that can meet your every scheduling demand? Our development team has decades of enterprise-level experience, and we are more than happy to customize our services for you. We offer short or long terms solutions - whatever works best with the time frame in which it's needed (and budget).
Let us help ease some staff burdens by providing easy access management software designed specifically for healthcare. Call us today at 1-920-403-0405.

Improve Security with SSO

By implementing staff scheduling software that supports single sign-on, hospitals can increase security for their employees. This will allow them to more easily access information about their work schedule and limit compromised security protocols.

White Label & White-Glove

If you are looking for complete white label solutions, we would love to talk about the possibilities. Our team of experienced developers works with Fortune 50 companies all across the globe. Backed by decades of experience, we can be your development partners or create the entire solution. Let’s schedule a meeting and see how we can help.

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Clinical Coorinator
51-200 Employees

This software has definitely benefited the scheduling process in giving staff autonomy and has lessened the amount of time staff would spend on doing it manually. It is a great product to have answers at your fingertips in regards to looking into past hours an employee worked and the absenteeism feature is also very helpful. We have found using this software that it has allowed us to focus more on patient centered care. - Dawn K.

Something else?

Did you have something else in mind that you’d like to propose? We are always open to having a conversation about the endless possibilities of software development. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Call 1-920-403-0405 or book a meeting today.