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Our Story

We know the task so we created the solution

As a busy Registered Nurse, Jordan was working at 3 different hospitals. Juggling all those schedules was proving to be a difficult task. The only way Jordan really knew where he should be at any given time was by relying on the hand written notes he had scribbled into his calendar. After getting home one day from picking up shifts at one of the hospitals he worked at (a process that took him over 45 minutes) he thought, "There has got to be a better way!" That's when he had his AHA moment and the dream of began.


Jordan Giessel, RN



Michael Christensen

Co-Founder and Owner

After struggling with various companies to create his vision EasyShifts Version 1.0 was born in the Fall of 2008. From those humble beginnings EasyShifts soon had over 250 users. Jordan, however, was a Nurse, a people person and not a software developer. That is when he realized that he needed to turn to his friend Mike for help. After much analysis and even more input from those using the site plans for major improvements were made. With Mike managing the effort EasyShifts Version 2.0 was launched in early 2011.

A common sense way to let technology improve the
life of the modern healthcare worker.