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EasyShift's Staff Scheduling Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not covered here? Just contact us and we will be happy to address any questions!

Who can use Easyshifts?

Though EasyShifts was specifically designed for the healthcare industry any workplace can use EasyShifts to create and communicate their work schedules. Hospitals have the most complex work schedules of any workplace. Yet EasyShifts provides a robust yet flexible solution to these demands. We can do it for your business as well.

Will EasyShifts save me time?

Yes! With EasyShifts you create your department's work schedule just one time. Then each time you want to create a new work schedule you simply roll out part or all of the Master Schedule you have already created in EasyShifts.

How will EasyShifts save me money?

First, by saving you time in creating your work schedule you are saving money, time is money. Second, EasyShifts will reduce the amount you pay in costly overtime. Third, by giving your employees greater accessibility to the department schedule they can pick up open shifts much easier, erasing the need for costly staffing agencies.

Will my employees like EasyShifts?

Absolutely! EasyShifts is a huge employee satisfier. Your employees will love having 24/7 access to their work schedule. They will also have an increased sense of control by being able to easily pick up open shifts and make trades with co-workers.

EasyShifts is 100% Web Based | NO SOFTWARE NEEDED

Key Features

Key Benefits

Template Schedule

This is the master schedule you will create when initially setting up your department. This only needs to be done once. Then, once the Template Schedule is created you can create department schedules in mere seconds every time.

Overtime Control

If you do not want your employees to work more than 40 hours a week you can set EasyShifts to not allow them to pick up any shift that would put them into Overtime. (As Dept Admin, you can override this setting any time you wish.)

If your employees work in multiple departments their hours will be tracked across all departments, erasing overtime loopholes.

Pick Up Open Shifts

Employees can pick up open shifts on the schedule. The internal settings of EasyShifts make sure that employees can only pick up shifts they are qualified for.

Trade Shifts with Co-workers

If an employee is assigned a shift that they'd rather not work they can flag a shift. They can indicate if they'd rather have their co-worker just take it from them or trade a shift for it.

Notifications for Department Admins

Anytime an employee picks up an "open shift" or makes a trade with a co-worker you receive a notification. This allows you to maintain oversight of your work schedule without needing to spend time on every change. You can choose to have these notifications sent to your email as well.

Notifications for Employees

Every time a new schedule is posted or a co-worker takes one of your "up for grabs" shifts you receive a notification in EasyShifts.

You can choose to have these notifications sent to your email as well.

EasyShifts Message Board

Send private messages to individual or groups of employees.

Set Availabilities

Each employee can set their work preferences, by setting days/times when they prefer to work and days/times when they are unavailable to work. You can still place them on the schedule anytime you wish but you will be alerted to their preferences when creating the schedule.

Improved Communication

Good communication is the lifeblood of any organization. Via EasyShifts you can not only easily and efficiently communicate work schedules to your employees. You can also post messages on the weekly calendar, send them private messages via our messaging system and have those messages forwarded to their email. You can also post any important documents that you want your staff to have access to.

Save Money

Any Manager knows that one of your largest expenses is labor. Hospitals particularly have the tricky task of maintaining minimum staffing levels without overloading staff. EasyShifts gives the Manager an easy way of maintaining level staffing patterns. We also realize that Overtime is a budget-killer. That is why with the push of a button you can block any of your employees from picking up shifts that would put them into overtime. However, if you are getting desperate for staffing you can unfreeze this limit just as easily. Also, with through colored labeling you can easily view who in your staff is in overtime. Staff who are scheduled above their FTE are also identified with a special color label. These controls will help you keep your budget from going off the rails.

Save Time

After you have created your Master/Template Schedule you should never have to change it again, ever! Then, creating your department's work schedules can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Apply that Master Schedule to the calendar.
  2. Make any necessary changes such as PTO requests (which EasyShifts will notify you of).
  3. Publish the schedule.

How long do you spend working on your department's work schedule right now? By saving you hours each month EasyShifts pays for itself.

Employee Satisfaction

How much Managers like EasyShifts is often eclipsed by the satisfaction that your employees will have.

Employees love it for the following reasons:

  • 24/7 access to their work schedules, even from home
  • Swap shifts with co-workers instantaneously
  • Communicate easily to their co-workers any shifts that they would like to get rid of
  • Receive messages in their personal email

The overall sense of control over their work schedules will increase their satisfaction and decrease your turnover!